About Privnote Reloaded

Privnote Reloaded is a remake of the popular one-time messaging service Privnote.com. Javascript and third party content is removed and you can access it via Tor Hidden Service.

We are not related to the original Privnote, just frequent users and passionate Tor supporters. One-time messaging services provide a valuable asset to privacy by enabling a convenient and relative safe way to exchange messages, especially when used in combination with PGP. Forward secrecy can be improved significantly by avoiding commonly used communication channels and placing information out of context.

Read the Best Use section to learn more about the right usage.

Which Privnote is better?

Privnote.com and privnote.org have different up- and downsides, depending on your individual situation. The main difference is that Privnote.com uses client-side javascript encryption, which is optimal for sending notes that are not already encrypted themselves. If your priority is anonymity rather than enhanced message encryption (e.g. if you use PGP anyway), then privnote.org might be the better choice.