Best Use

Some aspects you might want to consider for improved security.

Placing information out of context

Advantage of Privnote is to take important pieces of information out of your usual conversation. This makes it substantially harder for potential intermediates (admins, law enforcement, hackers, collegues etc.) to intercept the most essential parts or get hold of the conversation-log later, especially key data like names, locations, dates or payment information.

Forward Secrecy

Most of the time when data gets compromised, it is not intercepted and monitored live, but stored somewhere and analyzed at a later time. Depending on the significance of a message, breaking most encryption is only a matter of time and effort. The best encryption is when there is nothing stored to decrypt in the first place. Instead of sending private information directly, adding privnote as an additional layer can make interference a lot harder both at the moment it is sent and especially at a later time.

Keep in mind every encryption is just as safe as the weakest link in your opsec, usually there are plenty of blind spots that may not even be related to cryptography. You should reevaluate your practices and thread model regularly.